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Festivals in November

Day of the Dead: Mexico 1st and 2nd November

Mexico’s most famous festival has picnic tables set around graves, tortillas fried and substantial quantities  of Tequila consumed in memory of the deceased and to celebrate eternal life.

Tar Barrel Carrying:  Devon, UK. 6th November

Celebrate Guy Fawkes in a unique way by watching men and women carry flaming barrels around the town before passing them on to others.

Pushkar Camel Fair: Pushkar, India. 6th– 9th November

50,000 thousand camels, jaw dropping costumes and two million people gather at this medieval town to trade camels and cleanse their sins in a nearby lake.

Surin Elephant Festival: Surin, Thailand. November 19th

Show’s involving over 100 trained elephants are stunning to see. The elephants dance, race, play football and have a Tug of War with the local men.

Macy’s Thanks Giving Parade: New York. November 24th

Three million people line the streets to celebrate the 85th Thanks giving parade. Hundreds of floats, celebrities, and the best marching bands in America.


Day of the Dead, Mexico (by Glen's Pics)