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Baggage Tracking on Mobile Phones

Anyone worried about losing their luggage will soon be able to track its journey through a range of devices.

Travel IT firm Amadeus has teamed up with airline technology company SITA to start work on baggage tracking on mobile phones and social media.

Passengers will be able to track their luggage from check-in, to the moment it arrives on the conveyor belt at the other end.

The partnership was created in a bid to reduce the amount of baggage that gets lost or delayed during travel. In 2010, 29 million bags were delayed around the world.

The technology is already available to airlines and carriers, but will soon be launched in 54 airports around the world, giving passengers real-time information on the whereabouts of their belongings.

Airlines such as KLM and Qantas already give customers more control over their baggage with self drop schemes available in the airports.

A study conducted by JD Power found that 37% of travellers would use their mobile phones to receive real-time baggage updates if the technology was available.

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