NZ $49.99 incl. GST

    USB2X2US $49.99

    1 year warranty
    Charge your USB devices and power your electrical appliances at the same time in the same socket at home or in the US.  Charger with AUS/NZ PLUS US adaptor = the best of both worlds!  Don't just use it for your travel - use it all year round.  This clever combination of Korjo USB 2x2AU and KA US adaptor can be used for your power PLUS 1 or 2 USB outlets at home and away.  Turns one normal Aus/NZ socket OR one standard US socket into an Aus/NZ socket PLUS 2 USB outlets  


    • Surge protected
    • 2.1A Rapid Charge
    • Rating: 220-240V
    • Current: 10A Max
    • USB sockets Total: 2.1A Max. DC 5V
    • Approved by Australian Electrical Authorities