NZ $32.99 incl. GST

    TSA LL $32.99

    1 year warranty
    A robust, secure and stylish pair of keyed alike locks that utilise the Travel Sentry system.

    Product Features

    • 2 locks and 2 keys, keyed alike
    • Authorised by the TSA (see below)
    • Includes an indicator to show if customs has opened your lock


    TSA Compliant Locks

    • When travelling to (or through) the USA, the US Travel security Administration (TSA) maintains the right to open any case - even if it is locked.  This means that normal locks can be cut off, destroying them forever.
    • The Korjo TSA compliant locks solve this problem - you can now travel knowing that your luggage is locked and that your lock will not be broken by the TSA if an inspection is needed.