NZ $79.99 incl. GST

    TPEP $79.99


    1 year warranty
    Travelling first-class just got a lot easier. With patented ergonomic design and exclusive vertical side panels, our award-winning Evolution Pillow has redefined what it means to use a travel pillow. Responsive memory foam and 360 degree head and neck comfort pave the way for superior comfort, giving travellers everything they need for rest and relaxation. 
    Product Features
    • Responsive memory foam core with flattened rear neck cushion
    • Raised sides for 360° head/chin comfort
    • Adjustable sliding support toggle with media pouch for mobile support
    • Travel bag included to compact pillow ¼ its size.  


    • Measure: 9.75 in L x 10 in W x 5 in H / 24 cm x 25 cm x 13 cm
    • Weight: 1.6 oz / 329 g