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Promotional, Bulk And Corporate Luggage

Cost Effective, Unlimited Exposure For Your Company and Designed For Your Requirements.

Voyager specialises in working with Corporates to design bags and travel accessories to their style and price requirements. Promotional product and bulk orders inquires are welcomed.
You probably know by now: if you want the most bang for your advertising money, print ads on glossy magazines, TV spots or promotional flyers isn’t the way to go.

You’ve seen how effective these types of ads are: your target audience forgets the ads—and your brand—right after they’ve seen it.

So now you’re looking into promotional bags. You want to stretch your marketing dollar and still get the greatest exposure for your brand. You'd be on the right track, too. 

Marketing research shows that consumers are seven times more likely to remember brands from promotional products you have given them—especially if it’s a quality product that they can use often. And get this: promotional bags have the highest impression rate per month (1.083) among promotional products.

But not just any promotional bag from any company will do.


Only Voyager Promotional Bags Have the Quality That Fits Your Brand

There are many companies that offer promotional bags. However none carry the stamp of approval of seasoned corporate travelers and road warriors quite like Voyager. Our bags have long been the brand of choice for people who travel the world.

You want your clients to know you value them and their business. The best way to do that is to gift them with a product that communicates value and excellence.

The quality of craftsmanship, the durability of the materials we use, the innovation that goes into every corporate luggage, backpack, laptop bag, leather wallet, and duffel bag—our clients know the superiority of a Voyager bag matches their refined tastes perfectly. 

So when you place a Voyager promotional bag—imprinted with your brand—into your client’s hands, you’re telling them they’re highly regarded. And a client who feels your positive regard will carry your branded bag wherever they go, proudly.

Voyager Promotional Bags are Cost-Efficient Advertising

Voyager’s promotional bags are a cost effective way to reach more clients, get their business, and keep them wanting more of your business. 

Whatever type of bag you need, Voyager has it. We have the widest range of designs for corporate luggage, laptop bags, backpacks, gear bags, and duffels bags. If you want a more personal range of promotional products to give away, Voyager also has leather wallets and travel accessories you can customize to your needs.

The important thing is, Voyager’s travel bags and leather goods are not quickly discarded. Your clients will be using them over and over again.  This way, potential clients will be more aware of your brand when they see your logo on backpacks on weekend trips, laptop bags in conferences, duffel bags in upscale gyms, corporate luggage at a hotel check-in counter, and travel accessories in business class.

Since your clients always see your brand, they will think of you first when they finally need your products and solutions. You’re increasing your brand’s reach effortlessly—at very minimal costs to you.

Promotional Bags Exclusive to You

We have created promotional bags for big corporations and organizations, using our branded corporate luggage, backpacks, duffel bags, and laptop bags in their promotional efforts in so many ways.

We have seen messenger bags given away as corporate gifts, laptop bags in conferences and trade shows, leather wallets at product launches, duffel bags in sports tournaments and cultural shows, and travel accessories in tours. We have also outfitted sales or executive teams with a variety of corporate luggage, laptop bags, leather wallets, and travel accessories for branding needs. 

BP, House of Travel, Energy Direct NZ, Radio Network, NZ Travel, Grab-a-Seat, and Koru Care are just a few of our happy clients.

Of course, you would want your own exclusive look for your promotional bags.  

Our team at Voyager will work with you to create a look and feel that reinforces your branding. With a wide range of promotional products to choose from—travel luggage, school bags, duffel bags, business satchels, travel accessories, and leather wallets, to name a few—deciding on what bags to use in what promotional effort could be a challenge. 

If you want a customized look for a specific marketing campaign or promotional theme, our experienced sourcing team can also create a special design to suit all budget sizes. We have the best specialists in screen printing and logo embroidery in our design team. 

We can also work with smaller orders. Our regular production runs gives us the leeway to offer you numbers and colours not available elsewhere to make sure your brand has a unique, exclusive appeal.

We are so certain you will be satisfied with the excellence and durability of our promotional bags that they come with a four-year warranty. 

That means your clients can use your branded bags again and again—giving your brand more exposure in the long run. And since promotional bags have the highest impression rate per month, in four year’s time you would have recovered your client acquisition costs many times over.

So let Voyager help you expand your reach and get the clients you want, at the least cost, today. 

Call us or email us now to get a free quote on your promotional bags requirement.