Established in 2001 Voyager has quickly become the leading brand Kiwi's look to for their travel requirements.


Voyager Luggage is what it is today for two reasons.

Firstly, whenever we look at a new product, a new style, a new range, we always look through the ‘eyes of the traveller’ – we’ve developed an innate understanding of what our customers are looking for when purchasing their luggage.

Secondly, from the very outset of every new design we never lose sight of the need to ‘engineer’ quality into our product.


Great design should be stylish, functional & affordable

Doing great work! For us this means staying at the leading edge of design and innovation, creating ranges that sell through and delivering on our promises.

Making sure that the fun and excitement of travel begins with us.

Always taking our customer's needs seriously.

If you ask the right questions you’ll always find an answer.