Through passion for travel and exploring the world, Verage was founded in 1958 in Manchester, UK. After years of progress in creating functional, attractive and practical luggage the brand launched a Research and Development Centre in Florence, Italy which then led to an expansion into Spain and China.

Verage Luggage, Business Bags and Accessories have moved on to become a highly sought after product spanning 52 countries around the world.

Verage prides itself on designing beautiful, well-made and reliable products at extremely competitive prices. We have an outstanding collection of Soft Side luggage that boasts the lightest weights while continuing to uphold its 3 Year International Warranty in durability. Our suitcases are all fitted with 4 wheels for 360 degree mobility and ease of travel.

Our hard side collections are very vibrant and incredibly hard wearing. We use the best polypropylene material that has all been tumble and crashed tested and will not dent, crack or break. Some of our luggage is also made with ABD Polycarbonate material.

The durability of a hard case is incomparable and with new designs making these even lighter they are in high demand. Verage makes sure most of our luggage is fitted with a 3 digit TSA combination lock so you can be sure your belongings are safe and secure.

Verage have a sophisticated range of Business Essentials including laptop bags, laptop trolley bags, mobile offices and backpacks. These are immaculately designed with multiple organizational pockets, durable materials and other specified features including pockets for computers, iPads and more.

With a focus on style, longevity and practicality, our business range offers everything you need to keep your belongings well organised and secure when working away from home.

Verage has an array of high quality Travel Accessories that are perfect for a wide range of destinations. Some of the most popular travel accessories we make are, TSA combination locks, travel pillows, luggage tags, luggage straps, packing organisers, toiletry bags, foldable travel/carry bags, travel power adapters, 100 ml travel bottles, secure neck pouch and luggage scales.

Whether your next adventure involves a tropical vacation to the islands, a journey through Asia or a drive to the snow Verage has everything you could need to make travel a convenience.