Korjo Travel Accessories

Leading New Zealand luggage wholesaler, Voyager Luggage are proud suppliers of original travel accessories company, Korjo.

Since the 1970’s Korjo, has been making travelling easier with their fantastic range of travel accessories products.“Travel accessories from Korjo help you to have a more comfortable, happy, safe and convenient trip,” comments Voyager Luggage Managing Director Lance Best.

Properly outfitting yourself with the correct travel accessories can help you to enjoy your journey in safety and comfort.

A well-known and respected brand, highlights from the Australian company Korjo products include Korjo Travel Organiser. Perfect for keeping yourself organised on your adventure, the Korjo Travel Organiser is great for keeping your travel documents, ID, passport, credit cards, currency organised, safe and accessible.https://www.voyagerluggage.com/store/accessories/travel-organiser

If your travel plans take you to multiple countries, then the Korjo USB X4 Power Hub - 4 Plugs (Aus, Us/Japan, Europe, UK) is an absolute must buy. “With the Korjo USB X4 Power Hub you can connect and charge up to four USB devices directly to a mains socket anywhere around the world, advises Lance. It is perfect for charging your phone, camera, tablet, GPS and any other electronic device. https://www.voyagerluggage.com/store/accessories/usb-x4-power-hub

For those that struggle to sleep when travelling, the Korjo Squinchy Pillow will become your new best friend. “This soft travel pillow is amazingly comfortable,” says Lance. Made from quality nylon, the polystyrene beads inside the pillow moves and changes shape to maximise support and comfort.

For some of us, the act of travelling is not always a pleasant experience. Motion sickness and nausea can ruin a good holiday. Korjo Anti-Nausea Bands are a drug free way to boost your comfort when travelling. It works by applying pressure to acupressure point on the wrists, which helps to avert nausea from motion sickness, illness and pregnancy. https://www.voyagerluggage.com/store/accessories/anti-nausea-bands-2

Protect yourself from theft with Korjo Credit Card Defender. Unfortunately, card skimming can happen, it takes only a few seconds for card skimming devices to intercept credit card numbers and expiration dates. Coming in a handy three pack, the Korjo Credit Card Defender has a patented embedded RFID Shielding Substrate which prevents RFID theft. https://www.voyagerluggage.com/store/accessories/credit-card-defender-3-pack

If travelling is on your agenda, make sure you check out the great range of travel accessories from Korjo at Voyager Luggage. From comfort to security, there is a myriad of benefits to outfitting yourself with high quality travel accessories.