NZ $26.99 incl. GST

    MP65 $26.99

    1 year warranty
    A clever, comfortable and spacious pouch to be worn around the neck. 

    Product Features

    • Finest grade Polycotton
    • Strong, lightweight and washable
    • Absorbent comfort backing
    • Inconspicuous, neutral colour

    The Korjo Money Pouch is an outstanding way to discreetly hide your valuables.

    Thieves often target travellers, therefore it is important to protect your passport, credit cards and cash.

    It is comfortable, neutral coloured and has 2 large zippered compartments.

    Money Pouch features:

    • Zippered credit card pouch
    • 2 large zippered compartments
    • Made from top grade polycotton
    • Adjustable neck cord
    • Absorbent comfort backing