NZ $8.50 incl. GST

    LL10 $8.50

    1 year warranty
    20mm brass locks with three keys per pack.

    Product Features

    • Extra security for zippered cases, bags, lockers, etc.
    • Solid brass case and pin tumbler.
    • Stainless steel springs.
    • Precision engineering.

    The Korjo Luggage Lock (LL 10) is a 20mm brass lock with 3 keys per pack.

    Provides valuable security for zippered cases, bags, backpacks, lockers, etc.

    Luggage Lock Features:

    • Solid brass case & pin tumbler,
    • Stainless steel springs,
    • Precision engineering.

    Tip: the locks are coded and can be matched to other single locks and the duopacks, so that any quantity of locks can be keyed alike – you can take just one key for all the locks that you require!