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07 March 2012

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Great luggage design should be stylish, functional & affordable. The fun & excitement of travel begins with us!

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01 March 2012

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These two words sum up the essence of the Kiwi spirit. As a nation we are renowned the world over for our love of travel and adventure. And the farther we travel and the more often – the better.

Voyager Luggage

At Voyager we pride ourselves on the fact that our Luggage Ranges have been developed with this in mind. Whether you are a first time traveller heading away on your OE, a corporate warrior taking your business to the world, or off on a family vacation to the Pacific – we’ve designed a Voyager Luggage Range just for you.

Each year our Luggage Designers travel the world searching for new innovations and fashion trends.  From New York to Guangzhou, Vancouver to Frankfurt, Melbourne to Delhi, Los Angeles to Paris - more than 80 days each year is invested in researching, designing and testing our own luggage designs, ensuring that each Voyager range reflects the very best, and the very latest in local and international thinking.

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